Ristorante Bologna Restaurant Ristorante Bologna Restaurant



Fresh "Boletus" mushrooms salad with celery and Parmigiano cheese€ 11
House's starter€ 13
A Selection of Typical Cold Cuts together with "Crescentine" Fried Bread€ 10
A selection of tipical Cold Cuts from Romagnola's Moorish Swine Breed€ 15
"Cutaletto" Ham with Parmigiano cheese and balsamic vinegar
€ 12
"Mortadella" sausage and Parmigiano cheese€ 7,50
A Selection of three types of Mortadella sausage€ 10
A Selection of three typer of ham€ 14
Parma ham with Melon€ 11
Romagnola's moorish swine breed ham€ 17
"Fassona" Bovine Raw meat€ 11
Mixed vegetables hors d'Oeuvre€ 8,50


First course


Pasta of the day€ 11
 Fresh Egg Pasta Noodle with "BologneSE" Meat Sauce€ 10
 Fresh Egg Pasta filled with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese and Fresh tomato sauce
€ 12
 Narrow Noodles with Boletus wild Mushrooms
€ 12
 "Lasagna" green creamy baked noodles
€ 13
 Cheese Filled Pasta with Butte and sage or tomato and basil
€ 11
 Cheese and Pear Filled Pasta
€ 13
 Meat filled fresh pasta in clear broth
€ 13
 "Tortellini" meat filled fresh pasta with meat sauce
€ 15
 Vegatable Soup
€ 8,50
Rice with boletus wild mushrooms€ 12
Spaghetti with Bacon and Egg€ 10
Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil€ 8


Second course


Cut beef filletbsteak with rosemary
€ 20
Breaded cutlet with Parma ham and Parmigiano cheese€ 14
Beef fillet steak with balsamic vinegar sauce€ 22
Eggplant, spinach and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Rolls
€ 12
Thin strips of beef fillet with Parmigiano cheese and Rocket€ 18
Veal Fillet with a Boletus Wild Mushrooms Sauce€ 20
Veal Escalopes with a lemon sauce€ 12
Breaded Veal Chop with Parma ham and Parmigiano Cheese€ 19
"Romagnola" breed raw meat€ 12,50
Fried Boletus Wild Mushrooms€ 20
Roast meat served cold ina tuna sauce € 12,50
Salad made of tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella cheese€ 10


Grilled second course


Grilled Pork Chop ("Romagnola" Moorish Swine Breed)€ 15
Beef T-Bone Steak€ 4,50/Hectogram
Grilled Veal Chop € 14
Fillet Steak of Beef€ 20
Grilled Lamb€ 16
Grilled Chicken Breast€ 9


Side dish


Mixed Salad€ 5
Green salad € 4
Fried Potatoes€ 4,50
Boiled Vegetables € 4,50
Mixed Vegetables in Frying-Pan€ 5,50
Buttered spinach€ 5
Mashed Potatoes€ 5




Bolognese rice Pudding € 6
Bolognese Trifle€ 6
Crème Caramel€ 5
Tiramisù€ 5,50
Panna Cotta€ 5,50
Fresh Fruit Salad€ 5
Pineapple€ 3,5






Menu Tasting n° 1

(€ 42 per person)


Craftmade "Mortadella" Sausage with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Fresh Pasta Noodle with "Bolognese" Meat Sauce

Breaded Cutlet with Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Mashed Potatoes

Tradizional Rise Pudding


Mineral Water and one glass of Regional Red Wine 



Menu Tasting n° 2

(€ 42 per person)


House Starter

"Ricotta" Fresh Cheese Filled Pasta with a "Boletus" Mushrooms Sauce

Cut Beef Fillet Steak with Rosemary

Vegetables side dish

Home Made Dessert


1 lt. Mineral Water and a 0,375 lt. Bottle of Sangiovese Superiore Regional Red Wine



Menu Tasting n° 3

(€ 50 per person)


A Selection of Typical Cold from "Mora Romagnola" Swine Breed

Cheese and Pear Filled Pasta with a Special Ham Sauce

Grilled "Mora Romagnola" Swine Breed pork Chop

Vegetables side dish

Home Made Dessert


1 lt. Mineral Water and a 0,375 lt. Bottle of Sangiovese Superiore Riserva Red Wine