Ristorante Bologna Restaurant Ristorante Bologna Restaurant

In this times of dioxin pigs, mad cows and avian flu , we make sure that the meat in our dishes, whether it is beef, pork or poultry, is from animals raised in the local region and fed from crops produced without pesticides or chemical herbicides.
As starters, we offer carefully selected local salami. We are proud to include in this selection the salami made with exquisite Mora Romagnola meat. We then continue with tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne and tortelloni prepared with fresh "Sfoglia" thin pasta. Our main courses include "Bollito" (boiled selected cuts), the Bolognese cutlet, the grilled MoraRomagnola chop, Florentina steak, fresh porcini mushrooms and truffles when in season.
Last but not least, don't forget to try our desserts, all from scratch, including a remarkable "zuppainglese" pudding.
Our wines are carefully selected to pair our dishes.